Web2.0 Expo 2008 – Adobe Flex, will it be the next Web3.0?

Adobe Flex, will it be the next generation technology for Web 3.0? It’s hard to tell at this point as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for flash or flex has not proven to be great. Although you could make an opinion that flash or flex can be embedded in an HTML page, that’s still no where close to RSS and tags that blogs offer.

Today, I met when Steven (Stephen) Harris from WebSpiders.com, a Global IT Outsourcing company that specializes in development of Adobe Flex and AJAX web applications.

Steven was nice enough to show me a demo of how Flex will change how people shop online:


P.S. Excel Man was also spotted over at Expressocorp.com‘s booth. (Now I think of it, there’s a guy inside it. Tomorrow, I will punch the Excel Man and see if I can get a reaction.)

What do you think of Adobe Flex?

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