Web 2.0 – FilterMyRss Launched!

Web 2.0 - FilterMyRss Launched!

My friend Greg, over at GetUSB.info, runs a great USB gadget blog. I do admit to helping his blog grow initially, but now I am going to help him even more with his new FilterMyRss.com.

Basically, FilterMyRss.com is a web-based RSS filtering tool.

Here’s how you use it:

1. You can feed FilterMyRss.com your feed url. (for zedomax.com it’s https://zedomax.com/blog/feed)

2. You enter keywords you want to filter. (In this example, I only want feeds that contain the word, “technology” in the title, description, and category)


3. Use the filtered RSS feed any way you want it.

You get a nice URL you can use. In this example, I can use this RSS Feed for rest of my life to filter “technology” from all my posts:


How can this RSS technology help you?

Well, basically, you can now simply filter out the only relevant posts you want from a site.

For example, let’s say I want to check out JohnChow’s feeds through my Google RSS reader. But I only want to be notified of posts related with “money making”. Then I can feed John‘s RSS into FilterMyRss and then grab the URL to my Google RSS reader.

Sounds confusing?

Well, it’s really like another layer on your RSS so you only see the posts related with your desired keywords.

Great stuff Greg, keep ’em comin’! (Hey, how about you get those Beer Widgets up now? Lol…)

via GetUSB.info

2 Responses to Web 2.0 – FilterMyRss Launched!

  1. GetUSB.info says:

    Hey Max – Thanks for the great review. I created this RSS filter for my own blogs and published a while back so others could use. Great tool for the bloggers. Just recently, I added the EXCLUSION function. Simply put a negative sign ” – ” in front of your keyword and you’ll never see a post with that keyword again! Great for spam advertising like Viagra or crap like that.

    Sorry about the beerwidgets…been busy getting my USB Duplicator business off the ground. But I did bite the bullet just now and loaded the beerwidgets at GetUSB…took less than 7.4 seconds. Now I’m off to check my stats to see how many visitors Sitehoppin you’re sending me!

    Peace out!

  2. max says:

    Lol…. good stuff. I will keep that in mind and do let me know on your “secret” ventures coming up soon… 🙂


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