Web 2.0 Expo 2008 – TellMe Voice-Activated Yellow Pages just launched for Blackberry!


tellme-3Hi All,

It’s Web 2.0 Expo 2008 this week so I headed over to Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco.  Luckily, I was able to grab a free Press pass from Natalia Wodeck from TechWeb.com. (Thank you Natalia, very appreciated!)

First company we will be covering at Web 2.0 Expo 2008 is TellMe.com, a subsidiary of Microsoft that develops voice-activated mobile apps for cellphones.

TellMe has just launched their voice activated service for Blackberries, including Blackberry 8830, which I use personally.

Anyways, TellMe has basically extended the basic “voice-activated” functionality of the Blackberry to connect to Live search and also use the GPS service to pinpoint directions to your desired location whether that’s a mexican restaurant, club, or a bar.

I’d say kudos for this type of technology as it’s much better than calling an 800 number. (I am referring to Google’s 411 service.)

Although not a too big fan of the parent company, Microsoft, I am surprised that TellMe is available first on Blackberries and they are “still” working on TellMe service for Microsoft’s Mobile powered cellphones. (Kudos for that!  They actually care about users more than monopolizing mobile OSes.)

You can find a list of supported devices here.

If you are on your mobile phone, go to http://m.tellme.com on your phone’s browser and download TellMe.

It looks like Microsoft is trying to kill two birds with one stone, targeting Google’s 411 service and GoogleMaps with this TellMe aquisition. Well, I am not biased at all so let the best be the winner here!

Here’s a video-recap of the TellMe service working on a Blackberry 8830:


Which one would you rather use? Google 411 or TellMe?

4 Responses to Web 2.0 Expo 2008 – TellMe Voice-Activated Yellow Pages just launched for Blackberry!

  1. Alan says:

    Looks like a cool product and a great event. I will have to check it out one year!

  2. max says:

    Definitely do so Alan! Come to San Fran! 🙂

  3. GH3 Cheats says:

    tried googl 411 before. I have to say it was absolutely terrible for me. They coudlnt understand what i was saying and i was speaking clear as day.

  4. Club Penguin says:

    It took a little while for the page to load but i’m glad i waited.

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