Zedomax AdTech 2008 Coverage – Etology.com offers Advertisers and Publishers Text Ads, Banners, Thumnails and more….

David, an affiliate manager from Etology.com, has given me a $25 coupon for FREE traffic for NEW affiliates.

To test out Etology.com and get $25 worth of free traffic from their advertising network, you can sign up for an affiliate account here, then use the coupon code01KLSY” at ad checkout to get the $25 of free advertising.

Here’s an interview with David from Etology.com:


(Thanks again David for the interview and your time!)

Etology.com offers a wide range of advertising/publisher’s programs including text ads, banners, thumbnails, and more. They offer a wide range of banner ads, which I liked since I need to be flexible when I am offering advertising on my blog.


The greatest feature about Etology.com is that they allow you to set your own prices for your ads.

For mine, I chose a 125×125 pixel ad, I haven’t put it on this blog yet, but I will do that later this week to test out the effectiveness and also conversion rate of Etology.com.

You can also set your ad to be sold at market prices, which is great since there’s a standard price for the advertisers.

For advertisers, it seems like you will have tough time finding the right site to advertise on as there are so many sites at Etology.com as shown in this screenshot of their marketplace:

But Etology.com does offer personal support so you don’t have to do the work and let the affiliate manager find good ones for you.

Another great thing about Etology.com is that they offer 5% commissions on any affiliates you refer. So you can make 5% of any advertising that your friends sell.

I will be trying out Etology.com for banner advertising on my blog later this week and also a breakdown of all affiliate programs will be given at the end of all AdTech 2008 reviews.

2 Responses to Zedomax AdTech 2008 Coverage – Etology.com offers Advertisers and Publishers Text Ads, Banners, Thumnails and more….

  1. David Orr says:


    I just wanted to thank Zedomax for the interview. If anyone has any quetions about Etology.com, I would be more than happy to help!

    Many thanks!

    David Orr

  2. max says:

    Hey David,

    Thanks for stoppin’ by! 🙂


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