Zedomax AdTech 2008 Coverage – CX Digital Media CPA Affiliate Programs

VHi All,

This week we will be featuring review of affiliate programs from AdTech 2008 and try out 6 affiliate programs we hand pick and test them out over the next 2 months.

(AdTech is a tradeshow that covers the latest trends in online marketing, advertising, publishing, and social media.)

For the reviews, we actually went out and hand picked the smaller or less known affiliate companies among the bloggers, who provide better customer support while giving you better affiliate payouts.

We are also planning to gather about 200 bloggers over at Zedomax.Net to launch a big blog/affiliate network so stay tuned.

So far, we got about 50 bloggers so if you want to get in early, make sure to shoot us an e-mail at zedomax [at] gmail.com and benefit from our network traffic, SEO, and affiliate programs. (Basically in the long run, we will get better payouts from affiliate/advertising companies as a big network of blogs.)

At the end of all the video reviews, we will have a complete breakdown on who’s who of affiliate programs at AdTech 2008.

First up at bat is CX Digital Media.

Here’s a video interview with Winkie Lee, affiliate manager of CX Digital Media I met at the show:


CX Digital Media focuses on high payout CPA affiliate programs, 2% publisher referral commissions, and offer Net-15 terms. Basically, you can write blog posts about any products you like and make commission if someone signs up for the product. (CPA = Cost per Action)

I found they have pretty good products, here’s a screenshot on some of their offers:

Although I am not too keen on offers like Bingo and Poker, I do like offers like $28 for Wall Street Journal and $250 Gas Card, which can be both very useful for the readers of your blogs.

What I like about the dashboard after you sign up for CX Digital Media is that you have a 1-on-1 relationship with the Affiliate Manager. In my case, it’s Winkie Lee and I can IM her when I need help:


I really like this as I have tried other big companies like CJ.com, and they don’t have this type of personal support. Besides, CJ.com is already too competitive and the payouts are low unless you are making a lot of money already.

Here’s some free/discount offers you can take advantage of and also help me make some money:

$99 for 1 year of Wall-Street Journal

Free $250 Gas Card for a little survey

Get a Free BLOW Energy Drink

You can sign up for a CX Digital Media affiliate program here.
(Make sure to write, “Winkie Lee” under the Notes section so Winkie will be your affiliate manager.)

By signing up through me and also joining Zedomax Network, you will be able to take advantage of even higher payouts later down the road.

There’s also a $750 bonus for any affiliates who can generate more than $7500 within the first 30 days of signing up.

More great affiliate program reviews coming soon so stay tuned!

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    All of it sounds so interesting. Help each other and make money.

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