New type of Skateboard – T-Board!

New type of Skateboard - T-Board!


Check out this T-board, it’s basically a skateboard with 2 wheels instead of 4. It seems to travel pretty fast and mich better for surfers, snowboards, who are trying to stay in shape during summer months.

You can order a T-board 38 inch here and T-board 41 inch here.

Firstly what’s a T-board?!

“The T-board is a high performance carving hybrid built specifically to mimic the sensation of carving on a snowboard or surfboard. Because the wheels form an edge right under the arches of your feet the carving sensation is one of the purest out there.”

41″ Snowboard / Surfboard Geometry Deck 41? long by 9 5/8? wide based on traditional snowboard / Surfboard geometry this board is perfect for aggressive downhill carving or longboard – style cruising. The Rubber “Indy” Wheels are specially profiled for intense downhill carving. Borrowing material and technology from Indy car tires these wheels really grab asphalt and offer greater edge traction for more controlled carving on medium to extreme declines.

via street-surfers

4 Responses to New type of Skateboard – T-Board!

  1. Wow! I wish that I was somewhat younger!

  2. actionisle says:

    It’s a pretty genious design, unlike 4 wheeled boards, you dont’ have to worry about speed wobbles.

  3. max says:

    yeah, this thing looks cool…

  4. skateboard says:

    Wow great skateboard never knew that there is new board design. With this design, I know that they got the idea from surf boards and snow boards and roller skates.

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