DIY – Electric Kawasaki Motorcycle goes 40mph and 15 mile range!

My love for motorcycles are always there so I couldn’t help post this Kawasaki motorcycle converted into an eletric bike that does 40mph and goes about 15 miles on a full charge. Of course, I wouldn’t dare or probably can do any wheelies or what not, but props for the DIY.

“I bought an 8hp Briggs & Stratton ETEK motor used through Craigslist. Then I mounted the motor to the frame using the existing engine mounting holes and a piece of scrap aluminum plate. I found a sprocket and chain in the tractor repair isle of the farm store.” Ben Nelson’s approach couldn’t be described as high-tech, but it is effective. This electric Kawasaki is now his primary transportation.

One of a growing number of Ecomodders — people who customize for economy, rather than speed — Ben knows why it makes sense to go for plug-in over petrol. “If gas is three bucks a gallon, I can go 300 miles on that same amount of electricity. 300mpg isn’t too bad for a motorcycle, is it?”

[via] hellforleathermagazine

4 Responses to DIY – Electric Kawasaki Motorcycle goes 40mph and 15 mile range!

  1. Simply fantastic. I hope that more people will go this way.

  2. free ps3 says:

    This is a great little device. It can be used to ride around town or go somewhere nearby. It’s faster than a bike and almost as green. Great stuff!

  3. How wonderful and what a great style statement to make. I think it would also be cheaper to run that a regular gas powered motor bike. But this is is a DIY thing? Not like the commercially available like the ZAPINO ? That is a nice looking vehicle as well.

  4. Eva White says:

    It’s great. It has always been my dream to ride a motor bike with nice jet black outfit and black glares and zooming through the streets. how they show in the movies………..I just love all that.

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