Microsoft Vista – one of the biggest blunders in technology!

Microsoft Vista - one of the biggest blunders in technology!

I was site hoppin’ over at Gizmodo today and for some reason their posts were down but I had the pleasure of watching their flash ad.

Hope you enjoy and why are all computer dealers/manufacturers still shipping their PCs and laptops with Vista installed? At least let the people have an option to have XP pre-installed. (Yes, that means you Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony, etc…etc… why are you guys so dumb and promote a “dumb” Vista? Yes, you guys probably make way too much money to actually care about people. Stop hiding in your stupid looking grey suits and respond to me you dumbasses!)

7 Responses to Microsoft Vista – one of the biggest blunders in technology!

  1. IM sticking with my Xp Pro!

  2. Melo says:

    XP For the Win!

  3. Brock says:

    I had installed on my Dell an XP and don’t even worry about anything else. Vista is the biggest lose in MS history, but, unfortunately, people don’t have any choise 🙁

  4. Rod says:

    Hello? Has anyone heard of Vista SP1?

  5. max says:

    yeah, i mean, i don’t hate Windows since it was good before, but Vista just is a resource hogger plus it doesnt work, it’s simple as that.

  6. Once bitten twice shy Rod. Not interested. Shall stick with XP and when the time comes, go over to a Mac. Thank you very much.

  7. Its not fair that they are forcing people to use something that is not worth it. I mean Vista is Sh#$t. I will stay with my XP. Microsoft thinks that we must just comply because what else is there. I would switch to Linux but I cant test my clients websites on IE.

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