USB Bomb – Weapon of Mass Storage!

USB Bomb - Weapon of Mass Storage!

Designs like this one get my attention while SiteHoppin. It’s an awesome USB Bomb that can store, well, let’s just say it’s more practical to put a harddisk inside it than a flash memory. Besides, you could probably fit several harddrives in this weapon of mass storage.

Like it?

Well, I believe it’s only a concept right now.

Designed by Mexico City industrial designer Joel Escalona.  (Awesome designs Joel!)

Click below to check out some of other his USB work.

USB Bomb - Weapon of Mass Storage!

Diablo, I believe means, “Devil” in Spanish. Very devilish and cool concept here.

USB Bomb - Weapon of Mass Storage!2

Wow, this USB looks AWESOME! I want want one, too bad it’s only a concept. When will any of these concepts go to production? Maybe someone should make a “custom” design USB company kinda like all those T-shirt online stores like CafePress.

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10 Responses to USB Bomb – Weapon of Mass Storage!

  1. videos says:

    This usb device really looks perfectly! Be not upset, in the world still it is a lot of awesome usb, simply type in google something like “unusual usb ” =))

  2. videos says:

    hey, just found some funny creative usb drives =)
    funmansion dot com/pics/creative_usb_drives.html

  3. Studio Equipment says:

    Simply fantastic designs. Very original and daring. If you add functionality to that, you really have great design at work.

  4. Sevierville Real Estate says:

    Its amazing what they continue to come up with. As the tech sectors/companies become more flexible and daring to create these devices with such un-orthodox designs we will see more and more cool stuff like this go from concept to production.

  5. max says:

    oh thanks for the tip, I will try that.

  6. max says:

    Oh yeah, this guy Joel is great with these USB designs, wonder if he will ever get them to production though.

  7. max says:

    Yes, I hope this USB does go into production, that’d be tight! or that’d be da bomb!

  8. Lowongan Kerja says:

    great design, i think it is already on the market. but i am wrong.. 😀

  9. Web Marketing Man says:

    The bomb is the best of the lot. I wonder how big a hard drive they where thinking of adding. It also looks like its got a secure housing not like the external hard drives that I have seen they are temperamental and easily damaged.

  10. i want one says:

    i want one plz put it into production 🙁

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