Get your Used Macs and Mac parts at!

Get your Used Macs and Mac parts at!Get your Used Macs and Mac parts at!2

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Check out some of these great deals online for your used Macs and Mac parts needs over at

Pre-owned stuff they are selling right now:

I could get bunch of these pre-owned iMac 500Mhz 128mb 20GB with CD player for like $129! (and set them up to do some automation work for me, don’t know what to use it for but…)

If you are broke and you are student, you have to check out some of the deals here, why pay for new stuff when you get them almost less than half off?

Plus, this online store has PageRank of 5 on its main page, most likely a good sign. (Did you know I look at PageRank before I buy anything online? You can download Google Toolbar here and check it out yourself.)

I admit I own 4 refurbished PCs myself, and probably will get bunch of these Macs in the future too. They seem much cheaper than refurbished PCs for what I am trying to accomplish. If you have a kid who is just starting out on computers, refurbished might be the best way to go and let them get used to typing. Yes, you can then save money on “learn to type” software for all those older computers. Better yet, I bet you can download those old softwares free.

Check out here.

4 Responses to Get your Used Macs and Mac parts at!

  1. One of the advantages of the fast changing IT world is the availability of used machines at literally throw away prices. I personally use refurbished machines and find absolutely nothing wrong with them. If you buy them from reliable sources who can give after sales service, nothing like these machines.

  2. max says:

    oh yeah, i love my refurbished PCs, they are great for hacking the internet. 🙂

  3. free iphone says:

    Probably the only way i’ll be able to aford an iMac is to go for a refurb 🙁

  4. max says:

    Yeah, but its still an iMac.

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