DIY HACK – How to make an NES Game Cartridge Harmonica or ‘HarmoNESica’!

How to make an NES Game Cartridge Harmonica!How to make an NES Game Cartridge Harmonica!2

How to make an NES Game Cartridge Harmonica!3

This one deserves our attention due to the fact that the creator is ‘masked’ to protect his online identity. Just kidding, this DIY is about how to make an NES Game Cartridge, (that’s right, I bet you got one of those in your garage somewhere) into a HarmoNESica.

Basically, it’s a Harmonica, but you can make it look cool. These days, people will making anything out of NES controllers, cables, and now…cartridges.

Watch the video if you want to see it in action. (Looks like he made this to promote his favorite NFL team.)


That’s a NES cartridge and a harmonica. I think you know where this is going. This is going exactly where the intersection of nostalgia and commercialism should have gone like ten freaking years ago. I’ve googled all sorts of combinations like “NES harmonica” and “nintendo harmonica” and “NES cartridge instrument” and I can’t find anything like this. Everybody talks about blowing on the game like a harmonica, but as far as I know I’m the first person on the Internet to actually use a harmonica.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream provided for scale.

I began my journey with what I thought was a solid plan. I had a cart I was willing to bust open, I had a harmonica I had purchased specifically to be busted open, and I had a brand-new Dremel to bring the magic. There’s also a package of Dremel drill bits and a bag of #4-40 3/4″ bolts with included nuts…


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