How to start your own 125×125 banner exchange!

Why Spottt will die a horrible death unless they do something about it

I have been experimenting with many 125×125 pixel banner exchange programs including Spottt, Nuacco, 125exchange, and etc…etc…

What I have found in my study is that these banner exchange programs don’t work and will fail in the long term.


Because this system has been in place for a long time, it’s not a new technology.

If you don’t believe me, you can even go download a free version of Easy Banner Pro, which Nuacco and 125exchange runs on.

Heck, I could probably start a 125×125 banner exchange tomorrow. Simply download the script then install it on your server, and blog about it.

Spottt, on the other hand, is exact same technology and exact same figures. They just have more money in their pockets to feed some Fortune journalists or maybe they know someone there. Props though for getting such “low technology” onto Fortune, they do have clever people who are good with words obviously.

Entrecard is probably the guy who “changed” that exchange by adding community interaction such as “dropping” cards. This is good and Entrecard will probably live a long life.

Lol…that’s why we made SiteHoppin Beer Widgets, it’s slightly different in that you get “clicks” exchange, not impressions. Plus, you get to earn Beer Credits and get to go play with them. (We should have some gambling games soon so hold on…)

Plus, SiteHoppin is not simply a banner exchange, it allows any internet users, to view the web like an iPod.

Anyways, enough rambling about our SiteHoppin and banner exchange systems that will never work, do you like our new Zedomax WordPress theme?

Well, I am still working on it, well… “everything” is a work in progress, including this blog itself.

If these Spottt guys want to actually get some real traffic, they better start updating their site more and this is an honest opinion, not simply bashing on someone else’s business. If they take my advice and start doing something about it, they might live I guess…not that I give a ****.

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  1. Funny graph but yes exchange banner is the best way to market your product or web site. Nice information about banner ads now with this article we know how to launch 125 * 125 banner. hoping for mor e updates on these thank you.

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