USBeeee Memory Stick!

USBeeee Memory Stick!

USBeeee Memory Stick!2

USBeeee Memory Stick!3

Check out this USBeeee… weeeeee! I wonder if it will make it to production…

Serbian designer Damjan Stankovic, believes that flexibility in design can solve this problem. His “USBee” Flash Memory Drive won the first prize at the MS Industrial USB Competition held by the Serbian Design Community forum DizajnZona™. Ergonomically designed to bend at life’s will in any direction, this USB flash drive features a vented housing for cooling(I did not realize these needed cooling), and a detachable protective cap that snaps onto the back end of the device when not in use. No word yet if this will go into production, so all claims of memory capacity are a moot point.

via YankoDesign

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  1. Hey that’s a cool gadget! wont have to worry about breaking that one. and looks like a bee…. 🙂

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