iPhone 2.0 coming soon… with 100 million dollars for app developers!

iPhone 2.0 coming soon… with 100 million dollars for app developers!

Lol… check out iPhone’s counter-attack on Google 10 million dollar prizes to Android developers.

Who will win? Definitely, iPhone is way ahead as far as technology and Google’s simply chippin’ away to their new venture.

The only thing I hope for? That, Apple gets their bandwidths straight and start getting on CDMA networks or even better, WiMax.

With all the telecommunications companies profiting off old outdated technologies in the US, WiMax might still be years away but at least somebody is trying.

Check out the Steve Jobs press interview over at Gizmodo for more info.

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9 Responses to iPhone 2.0 coming soon… with 100 million dollars for app developers!

  1. HiFi Guy says:

    Wow is apple is very fast to launch the second revision.

  2. max says:

    yeah, i think apple is probably feeling a little threatened by Google.

  3. Having followed Apple from its very beginnings, I can vouch for one thing. They simply do not stop innovating. They have never bothered themselves about competition and kept delivering on customer expectations. Why they should do anything different now is beyond me. Their 2.0 will simply be an innovated product to meet greater expectations of their customers.

  4. coldfusion says:

    Hit the nail on the head, this fact alone is why the produce some of the most sought after technology on the market!

  5. max says:

    The best would be if Google and Apple worked together to bring even better apps, wonder if that will happen.

  6. linkbuilding says:

    apple is so good, keeps on delivering. always good quality

  7. Free Wii says:

    I can’t see that Google have a cat in the proverbial’s chance, they may be good at Web domination but Apple have the technie market sown up.

    Who can remember a bad Apple (no pun intended) product?

  8. free iphone says:

    The key is never to stand still and Apple must have an extraordinary development team.

  9. free ps3 says:

    So is the iPhone 2.0 just a software update or a whole new package? I’d like to see 3G support among other things added to a new version of the iphone.

    Web browsing is almost good but not quite there.

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