My laptop just died!

Hi all,

My laptop just died like last night, sorry for the slow postings, will get back to fast posting again.

I am on one of my spare computers now…

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  1. It never rains, it only pours. Here is wishing a quick bounce back to you.

  2. HiFi Guy says:

    Mine just died too, but it’s entierly my fault, i was angry of these f****** loading time, the HDD had more and more failure, so I grabbed it and smashed on the floor.

    HDD and motherboard are gone. Fuck Packard Bell !

  3. max says:

    Haha…lol… yeah, no more HP Laptops, that’s for sure. They are made to break right after their warranty expires although my really really old laptop is still okay…

  4. HiFi Guy says:

    The worst thing is that my sister has lost all her school work…

    I’m wondering if I will buy a new HDD or if I wait until the Asus eepc 900 reach the stores.

  5. I had my “backup” hard drive quit on me the other day. I’ve never had a problem with my main PC but got a backup just in case … then the backup goes and breaks!

    Go figure!

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