Giant Volume Meter!

Wow, check out this GIANT volume meter! So cool lookin’~

Giant Volume Meter!23

Giant Volume Meter!2

Giant Volume Meter!

Looks like it’s some type of microcontroller with bunch of replays… Looks pretty simple to build… (the controls i mean)

“Volumen”, a giant graphic equalizer built by Argentinian artist, Sergio Avello relays the ambient urban noise levels around the Redgaleria in Buenos Aires. Pretty intense way of visualizing the constant buzz of the city, plus nice shots of the internal circuits at the below link.

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4 Responses to Giant Volume Meter!

  1. coldfusion says:

    Need one of these for my neighbors just so it obvious how f’ing noisey they are!!! 🙂

  2. Ian says:

    Very nice! I want one for my son, to show him he has the TV too loud.

  3. Can be commercialized for traffic junctions etc for places where noise pollution is critical, like near hospitals.

  4. seo says:

    This just adds light pollution to noise pollution lol

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