WikiLeaks – Wiki for leaked documents

WikiLeaks - Wiki for leaked documents

I just found out that WikiLeaks, a Wiki site that collects thousands of leaked documents, had been suspended in the U.S., but the judge just overturned and they are back on.

Anyways, it’s an interesting Wiki site and you should check it out.

The site resumed U.S. operations shortly after 5 p.m. Pacific Coast time. Its overseas servers were not affected by the litigation. Hours after the decision, WikiLeaks said it “shall not be cowed by those who would silence the truth. It will continue to be a forum for the citizens of the world to disclose issues of social, moral and ethical concern.”

The judge heard arguments from the bank, which said no First Amendment rights were being implicated, WikiLeaks’ domain name owner and a host of media and civil rights organizations that derided the judge’s initial order as an unconstitutional “prior restraint” on speech.

The judge seemed to agree with the media and rights groups. About 30 minutes into the hearing, White said the case concerned “very important issues” and “the court does not want to be a part of any order that is not constitutional.”

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  1. Bravo Wiki! Thank God that there are some Judges who are clear headed and laws that protect do gooders.

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