Get Laid at the Apple Store

Get Laid at the Apple Store

Apple Store has been officially designated as a place to meet for young people. Wow, I’ve been in the Apple Store like every week and didn’t know this?!?

Most guys are natural gadget lovers, and with sales of iPods and MacBooks skyrocketing, more men than ever are stopping by Apple boutiques. The vibe at the stores is conducive to man meeting too: You can check your email among cuties, take a free workshop on anything from Photoshop to podcasting (a great opportunity to strike up a conversation), or just survey the, ahem, good-looking merchandise.

via Gizmodo

2 Responses to Get Laid at the Apple Store

  1. I have been visiting an Apple Store fairly regularly in the recent past and find a large proportion of visitors there, from the younger generation. In fact, the location itself is in a multiplex frequented by young people. So, quite what is official or unofficial about it is any body’s guess. It is however to be said that it is a shop worth visiting for its decor, courteous service and displayed items. The only off putting thing about the whole experience is the price tags!

  2. free iphone says:

    “Get Laid at the Apple Store” – I’m sure the store manager wouldn’t take kindly to you whipping out your pack of 3 in the middle of the store with some young lady you met 😉

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