Looks like this kid is gonna get more than just one Xbox.


You know, sometimes people don’t realize the power of the people on the internet.

Above video is where a kid gets an “X” box for Christmas with winter clothes inside it.

I guess Engadget posted this and Microsoft might be sending him a brand new real XBOX with probably more goodies than he can handle.

Great job guys.

We’ve been flooded with email from well-meaning geeks and even Microsoft; just about everyone wants to help us hook up Jonathan. We totally appreciate the sentiment, but we’ve got this covered. We think we’ve gotten in touch with his family (who let us know he never got an Xbox, and the whole thing really was a prank on the poor kid); once we know for sure we have the right people we’ll post again.

On another plus note, I got $5 from Big Pappa and $10 from Mike to get more Soju over at SiteHoppin.com. (Thanks guys, I will be able to afford brew for couple more days!)

via Engadget

One Response to Looks like this kid is gonna get more than just one Xbox.

  1. PS3 says:

    That is so cruel, but also so very funny.

    You could tell by his reaction that he really wanted the Xbox. Good to see in a way, excitement and appreciation. Such a let down when he opened the box though, poor kid.

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