Android Mobile Platform SDK available for download and win $10 million by developing the best app!


Check out the new Android SDK, a developer’s kit so you can build apps for the new Android Platform. (Note: Android is simply an open-source operating system that can run on cellphones, it’s not the cellphone itself.)

Maybe we will try making a SiteHoppin application for the Android soon so you can hop on the new Android phones. (It already works on iPhones)

Google is also giving out $10 million to the best Android app developer. Cool stuff, we might have to start developing for that challenge.

Sergey looks like he just got up, did he take a shower yet?

On the bright side, I think Sergey and Google is doing a great job promoting open-source platforms and linux.  (Android is basically Linux hacked to run on mobile phones with lots of Google stuff embedded.)

This will be exciting as Google will really try to take over the world with cellphone software and make my GoogleMaps work better too.

Get your Android SDK here.

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