Preview of Google’s GPhone with the Android Linux OS

Check out a preview of the new GPhone, basically a Samsung phone with Google’s Linux Android operating system.I think it’s got great browser which I dig the most. There’s also street view from GoogleMaps but I guess that can be useful.

Perhaps most impressive is the Street View mode of Google Maps, pulled down to the 3G prototype reference phone running at a relatively mild 300MHz. That reference design, which may or may not reflect hardware that will run Android in the future, had another interesting feature: a trackball, currently seen on Danger Hiptops and Blackberries.

via BoingBoing

2 Responses to Preview of Google’s GPhone with the Android Linux OS

  1. Lowongan Kerja says:

    It is nice to see GoogleMaps on our mobile phone.
    Do you know when this Google Android available for public market?

  2. max says:

    You can actually download the code here:

    The phone itself should be available later this year i think…

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