Preview of Google’s GPhone with the Android Linux OS

Check out a preview of the new GPhone, basically a Samsung phone with Google’s Linux Android operating system.I think it’s got great browser which I dig the most. There’s also street view from GoogleMaps but I guess that can be useful.

Perhaps most impressive is the Street View mode of Google Maps, pulled down to the 3G prototype reference phone running at a relatively mild 300MHz. That reference design, which may or may not reflect hardware that will run Android in the future, had another interesting feature: a trackball, currently seen on Danger Hiptops and Blackberries.

via BoingBoing

2 Responses to Preview of Google’s GPhone with the Android Linux OS

  1. It is nice to see GoogleMaps on our mobile phone.
    Do you know when this Google Android available for public market?

  2. max says:

    You can actually download the code here:

    The phone itself should be available later this year i think…

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