DIY HACK – HOWTO turn your cellphone into a Taser Camera Gun!


Here’s a funny hack using a cellphone, wires, and a 16pF capacitor.

Take one SonyEricsson K800i, rewire the capacitor (which feeds the camera flash) with a pair of 16uf caps and you have a cell phone capable of dumping those farads into a human body. Just take a photo using the camera’s xenon flash and shoot.

If you can’t read the multimeter in murk of what looks like a typical teenager’s bedroom, it shows 300 volts. Cameron20020, the video’s creator, describes it thus:

“…while it doesn’t make a big spark, it hurts a f*****g lot.”

via covertress.blogspot

5 Responses to DIY HACK – HOWTO turn your cellphone into a Taser Camera Gun!

  1. iPhone Games says:

    Noooo, this is hilarious!

  2. HiFi Guy says:

    Only 16pF ??

    What voltage this tazer would delivers if we use a 470ยตF ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Fish Farming says:

    max, how do you know this kind of cellphone hack? just curious..
    and thanks for sharing..

  4. covertress says:

    Liked the cell phone taser?… try my toilet hack:

  5. max says:

    hey thanks for the link, posted!

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