Never give up, especially your blog dude!


Lol, Mike from Bloggin-Ads posted a review about Zedomax Network. I didn’t ask for one but thanks for the link love Mike.

On the upside, we are actually getting 115K uniques for this blog.

On the downside, I am actually broke as hell but it’s sounds really good when you say I make a lot of money! Lol…

Anyways, David is no longer writing for us anymore because we are really running out of money. (again…)

But, what I’ve experience in my life, is that when you are truly really broke with $100 in the bank, you really start trying hard.

Even lab rats will not follow the cheese unless they are tested with hunger and what not.

Anyways, thanks Mike for the blog post, every blog post helps! I will have to get you back now…feel bad with all the help you’ve given me.

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6 Responses to Never give up, especially your blog dude!

  1. Mike Huang says:

    Quit hotlinking my pics 🙂


  2. max says:

    Lol… yup, i need to use your bandwidth…lol

  3. Want to bet that very soon you will stop being broke? These cycles are what life is all about. You are bang on. Wait till your bank balance hits a hundred dollars!

  4. iPhone Games says:

    115K uniques is really good! You’ve got a nice blog as well.

    i like 🙂

  5. Fish Farming says:

    agree with you max, never give up..
    why you don’t join with pay per review program out there?
    i am sure you will get alot of cash from them.

  6. max says:

    good idea, maybe I will start promoting pay per review more.

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