DIY HACK – HOWTO Upgrade (or downgrade) from Vista to Windows XP!

HOWTO Upgrade (or downgrade) from Vista to Windows XP!

(Your computer will be faster and more reliable using Windows XP vs. Vista)

After testing out Windows Vista on one of my 6 PCs laying around my apartment, I finally decided it was time to scrap Vista for Windows XP.

Well, it turns out my HP a6040n desktop I bought off the shelf at Fry’s sucked at downgrading to XP. Why?

You go to HP’s driver downloads and they don’t even have XP drivers. I think HP has to at least put the specs of all the parts on their site. I had to open up the case and track down the motherboard, and then found a generic Intel ethernet driver just to get the internet working.

What a hassle. I love HP computers but this was probably the worst experience. (Well, I could’ve called their tech support but I am too lazy.)

Another problem I encountered? Basically I got one of those blue screen of death because the harddrive is set to “RAID” on BIOS setup and Windows XP cannot detect that unless you got a driver for it.

So all I did was set the settings back to “IDE” on BIOS setup and the blue screen of death disappeared. Wala!
(Trust me, you really don’t need RAID unless you are thinking about running bunch of servers.)

I also did some research and found you can also completely re-format your harddrive using DBAN. Although it took me some 6 hours to DBAN my HP harddrive, it was worth it. DBAN is great if your harddrive seems to be protected or whatever. Just nuke it and go along.
I also made sure to re-partition with room for Ubuntu, which I will be installing next on this experimental PC.

I used to run all Linux computers with VMware running windows on it. It did pretty good and my computer never gave me a blue screen of death. All I had to do was reboot the Virtual Machine but I might be headed down that path again soon.

Now I feel so good, it feels like I really flushed that “hard stool” that was sitting in my gut for 6 months.

Good bye Vista!

Next up we will be covering a step-by-step transition on how to install Ubuntu and use VMware to experience a new way to access the internet. Of couse, if you get bored of our tutorials, you can always go buy a Mac, we like Macs too. (they are unix based, which is pretty much a fancy Linux machine really)

You should also check out the Vista-XP parody ad we made couple months earlier.

8 Responses to DIY HACK – HOWTO Upgrade (or downgrade) from Vista to Windows XP!

  1. Welcome to the club. I am not technically as clued in as you are. I simply could not use Vista and reinstalled my old XP with a great amount of relief and joy.

  2. coldfusion says:

    Officially Vista OEM licenses now come with the option to downgrade your o/s without breaking license agreement.

    This was not an option with previous versions of windows OEM licenses

  3. max says:

    Oh cool, I didn’t know that. Too bad they don’t have a downgrade software to do that.

  4. max says:

    Yey, yes, Vista can go back where it came from.

  5. That is very good news indeed. Thanks for this very valuable information.

  6. I am using vista now on my latest machine, and I have to say that I pretty much hate it. It runs out of memory all the time and I reboot almost every other day. And to think, I picked this machine over a MAC..

  7. Fish Farming says:

    I feel more comfortable with XP rather than Vista. Don’tknow why..

  8. Free iPhone says:

    I just downgraded from Vista to XP and found your guide helpful. The only thing is that the 32bit XP can’t handle all 4GBs of my ram but even using 3GB, it seems faster than Vista. Thanks again and im watching the Windows 7 scene to see if it will be any better.

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