DIY Wii HACK – HOWTO Use Your Wii as a Media Center!

Here’s a great hack where you can convert your Wii as Media Center!

First, make sure you’ve either installed or updated the Opera-based Wii browser so you’ve got the latest available web browser on your Wii (this is important, since older versions of the Wii browser won’t handle larger video streams as well). So unless you’ve got the latest Opera browser on your Wii, head to the Wii Shop channel, find, and download the browser (if this is the first time you’ve download it, it’ll cost you around $5, or 500 points in the Shopping channel).


via LifeHacker

2 Responses to DIY Wii HACK – HOWTO Use Your Wii as a Media Center!

  1. free iphone says:

    Thats quite handy, I wish someone woul crack the wii wide open though like the original xbox did with xbmc for example

  2. nice hack, anyone know where i can get the instructions?

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