Traffic Explosion with SiteHoppin

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SiteHoppin’ is a new social bookmarking site, combining some of the popular features of sites like StumbleUpon or del.ici.ous, with a few unique twists.

At SiteHoppin’, users can discover new and interesting sites quickly and easily with the site’s simple interface. Sites are broken down into categories and by tags for even easier browsing of sites you might enjoy. In addition to browsing sites in the SiteHoppin’ system, users can also rate each one on a scale of 1 to 5 beers. The scores are tabulated and the highest rated sites appear on a special “Most Popular” page.

SiteHoppin’ is built on a heavily modified version of the popular wiki software MediaWiki and is also compatible with a variety of mobile browsers (so you can SiteHop from the comfort of your shiny new iPhone).

User Benefits While anyone can use SiteHoppin’ to hop around to different sites you’ll probably want to register for an account. When you make a free account at SiteHoppin’ you get access to features regular visitors do not. Registered users can bookmark their favorite sites and share them with their friends, leave site reviews for visitors to see and have SiteHoppin’ remember all of your SiteHops so that you never see the same site twice.

Site Owner Benefits If you run a website it’s definitely worth registering with SiteHoppin’ and submitting your site, blog or articles into the system. As a site gets more beer votes it will rise in popularity and lead to more traffic. This is another opportunity to cash in on the viral marking and social networking traffic explosion happening online today.

While it is new, SiteHoppin’ is still a unique and interesting player in the social bookmarking scene. Anyone interested in an easy and fun way to find new web sites or those of you looking for new ways to promote sites of your own should give SiteHoppin’ a try.

4 Responses to Traffic Explosion with SiteHoppin

  1. I used StumbleUpon a lot in it’s early days and used to get fed some pretty relevant content. It’s gone the same way as Digg though, too many people paying to get sites promoted and filling the place up with spam.

  2. Blueheaven says:

    wow.. but do we really need more?

    // blueheaven

  3. max says:

    Yes, the more the better.

  4. Kirsty says:

    I agree with Steve Elliot, Payed for promotions are taking over!

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