DIY HACK – HOWTO Hack StumbleUpon using StumbleBots!

Well, I have never used these methods before, but I hopped onto it the other day so I might as well share it with the world.

DIY HACK - HOWTO Hack StumbleUpon!

There are 2 stumblebot sites, and is actually a software they sell for like $147, it’s sorta like those Craigslist automators.

It looks like it’d work pretty good. But I wouldn’t pay for it, I think StumbleUpon itself is becoming a big scam where people are making a lot of money from it.

DIY HACK - HOWTO Hack StumbleUpon!2

The seconds site, I found while trying to sell my site on SitePoint. It seems like they listed this site right after I listed my sites. So, that’s how I found about these two.

I believe there’s even more sites out there where you can buy stumbles and reviews. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Anything that can be hacked will be hacked and you can only blame on the developers who didn’t think through everything beforehand. Anything that can not be hacked on the other hand, deserves a pat on the back. 😉

If you ever try these sites, let me know if they work. Not that I’d use it, I rather go SiteHoppin w/o installing a toolbar.

Oh yeah, I just found StumblePorn too.  I tried it but it’s way too slow and sucks…

4 Responses to DIY HACK – HOWTO Hack StumbleUpon using StumbleBots!

  1. Melancton says:

    Bleh. is better. and free.

  2. As and when social bookmarking or social networking sites become famous, bot creation and monetizing from these are also on the higher side. This will rather kill the real spirit of real social networking.

    I think, almost all social networking people who are actively working on networking are only internet marketers. I don’t think any true or real user really benefit from such networks.

  3. Dade says:

    Not to mention, there is probably a chance of getting your site blacklisted with stumbleupon.

  4. max says:

    I really think StumbleUpon is not really growing anymore, especially with popularity of Twitter growing. People are simply not interested in “random” finds as much as they are for real conversations. The only way SU will grow will be by feeding off Twitter like a pair of mosquitoes. Well, just my 2 cents.

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