DIY HACK – HOWTO build your own in-car PC!

DIY HACK - HOWTO build your own in-car PC

Here’s a good one on how to build your own in-car PC! Although I wouldn’t recommended as people woud probably rob you as quickly as you install it.

As a marine electrician I’ve installed a few desktops in yachts to avoid the above mentioned problems so when I bought a used Grand Caravan in July and it had this empty space between the front seats I thought, why not? The first task was to measure the distance between the seats and see if anyone made a case that could fit there.

via HackNMod

6 Responses to DIY HACK – HOWTO build your own in-car PC!

  1. This is a highly risky proposition. Apart from the possibility of theft, there is the ever present danger of PC addicts keeping it on and getting into accidents.

  2. I love the fact that someone has the guts to try these projects……but how on Earth would you operate a PC “hands free”.

  3. HiFi Guy says:

    Interesting but we need a small-sized version 🙂

  4. max says:

    that’s true, you can use Comfile’s new touchscreen to do that here:

    I should be getting a sample soon so maybe i will install it in my car.

  5. Yeah good idea, but can’t see the use if it doesn’t have a touchscreen?

    Where does the keyboard go? Also, why not just use a laptop!

  6. cdr says:

    i bet this screen is to display naked blonde ;P

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