What is Soju and How Does it Affect an Entrecard (Ab)user’s Life

Here’s what Alex from Net-Entrepreneur posted about SiteHoppin:

Soju is a distilled beverage native to Korea and traditionally made from rice. Soju is clear in color and typically varies in alcohol content from about 20% to about 45% alcohol by volume, with 20% being most common. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soju)


Max Lee from SiteHoppin.comMax Lee, a very drunk, Korean-American guy from California has developed a “stumble” service that helps Entrecard users drop-till-they drop, with a press of a button. Browser within browser technology used for this service rids the user (you) of the need to install toolbars of any kind.

It is now possible, for the addicted Entrecardist, to save a considerable amount of time dropping the daily maximum number of cards. It is available at www.sitehoppin.com. Just set the tag to Entrecard and hop away.

I admit trying this for a couple of times myself, when it was really, really late to do anything else, and it works! A big surprise, considering Max’ drunkenness.


Since Entrecard is not really my cup of tea, what is entertaining is Max’ blog, at www.sitehoppin.com/blog. Constantly drunk, Max provides the latest SiteHoppin news and development updates, his personal standpoints, ramblings and other ingredients for a good laugh – all in COLOR video. Which is good for your tired minds and eyes, after a long day of hard work.

via Net-Entrepreneur

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