What’s StumbleUpon afraid of?

What’s StumbleUpon afraid of?3

In a recent encounter with StumbleUpon‘s banning of 20 accounts in our network, we have conjured up a little bit of something we read in a book by Guy Kawasaki, “How to drive your competition crazy.” In the book, there’s an example of how Ben & Jerry’s turned a law-suit into an hilarious marketing victory.

Here’s our version on StumbleUpon’s latest diplomatic policies:

Do you think the Stumbleboy is afraid of two guys working in a rented apartment of 800 square feet?

Do you think the Stumbleboy is afraid he’s only going to make $61.3 million in profits instead of $61.8 million?

Do you think that maybe the Stumbleboy is afraid of the American Dream?

We only want to make the most fun site and let people of the internet make their choice on the internet, where guys like us can compete with guys like the Stumbleboy.

Next time you are surfing the web, uninstall that hideous looking 50 pixel StumbleUpon toolbar that takes up too much of your browser space and start using “extension-less” SiteHoppin. Because to tell you the truth, that’s what the Stumbleboy is really afraid of.

Hey, if you wanna help us and fight this bs, put this drunken button on your blog.  We will add you to our blogroll so you go up with us when our press release go out tomorrow.

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