DaBomb.TV is on SALE at SitePoint!

Yeah, don’t ask me why, I have to start selling all of my websites one by one because I need to keep making a living.

With the recent sales of Wagg.It, I have gone slightly depressed, but here’s another great sale of a great video blog site, DaBomb.TV.

You can go bid at SitePoint here. The bid will end in 7 days so let the high bidder get the site!

FYI, you are not just buying a website, you are also buying our free blog promotion from 20+ blogs/social networks AND we make sure it gets installed correctly on your server, plus we will give you free consultation until you can get it everything running smoothly.

The new site owner will still be part of our Zedomax Network, and benefit from free SEO, backlinks, and free blog posts from many PR4-PR5 blogs.

Go bid now and let me stay in this risky business of internet entrepreneurship.

3 Responses to DaBomb.TV is on SALE at SitePoint!

  1. The BIN price seems at little higher side. But the domain name is pretty cool and will be sold soon at desired price.

    For the purpose I look for a website to buy, is to use for reviews, and I might look for a higher PR website like PR5+ that can be sustained in next update as well.

  2. max says:

    Yes, BIN price is high in case someone wants to snatch it but the high bidder will get the site.

  3. Whoever gets the site, he’s gonna earn good bucks there. I’m maintaining one vlog and it’s quite easy to get traffic and money from there. But DaBomb has lots of potential, it’s too bad you can’t keep it.

    Ever thought of paying someone to maintain the site and keep it going max?

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