Stumbleboy is afraid he’s only going to make $61.3 million in profits instead of $61.8 million?

What’s StumbleUpon afraid of?3

In a recent encounter with StumbleUpon‘s banning of 20 accounts in our network, we have conjured up a little bit of something we read in a book by Guy Kawasaki, “How to drive your competition crazy.” In the book, there’s an example of how Ben & Jerry’s turned a law-suit into an hilarious marketing victory.

Here’s our version on StumbleUpon’s latest diplomatic policies:

Do you think the Stumbleboy is afraid of two guys working in a rented apartment of 800 square feet?

Do you think the Stumbleboy is afraid he’s only going to make $61.3 million in profits instead of $61.8 million?

Do you think that maybe the Stumbleboy is afraid of the American Dream?

We only want to make the most fun site and let people of the internet make their choice on the internet, where guys like us can compete with guys like the Stumbleboy.

Next time you are surfing the web, uninstall that hideous looking 50 pixel StumbleUpon toolbar that takes up too much of your browser space and start using “extension-less” SiteHoppin. Because to tell you the truth, that’s what the Stumbleboy is really afraid of.

4 Responses to Stumbleboy is afraid he’s only going to make $61.3 million in profits instead of $61.8 million?

  1. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i am sorry to say but you are ruining zedomax .come take that RETARDED BANNER OFF THE TOP!!!… STOP ADVERTISING FOR SITE HOPPIN… AND GET BACK TO HOW THE SITE WAS BEFORE THE LASER CONTEST!!!… but when you arent advertising you(or should i say david) are posting some cool stuff…

  2. max says:

    hey man,
    i am sorry that the banner’s annoying you but I need to promote the new site.

    I will try to post more cool stuff… just been busy tryin’ to pay my rent.

  3. Brian Gaut says:

    as the actual WINNER of that laser, i must agree with girrrrrrr2 on this one… the quality of your site is degrading pretty drastically. All the posts are getting repetitive and, frankly, annoying.

    Its one thing to make a product (SiteHoppin) that tries to go up against another product (Stumble)…. but its another thing to start making pretty much all of ur posts just bashing SU and saying how much better your product is.

    People did not start reading your blog to see how much better your site is at something… they read it for its entertainment and informative value.

    Personally, to be honest, i’m about to remove your site from my RSS list.

  4. max says:

    Hi Brian,

    I think you are right. I will stop posting about these heartless spamblebots and start getting back to where is about. 🙂

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