LOL We got banned from StumbleUpon baby!

Yey, we just got banned officially from StumbleUpon, it took them a long freakin’ time to do so. (at least the Digg guys were a little bit smarter)

So, what are we going to do? Nothing, we weren’t getting that much traffic from SU anyways. (at least lately, that’s why we are sellin’ off all our 300+ SU accounts, that’s right folks, we “control” the black market of SU, even SU engineers can’t figure it out because we are good hackers)

How to do this?

Basically, we make around 20-30 new accounts every week and get everyone at Zedomax to stumble like crazy.

We will tell you all about how to hack SU soon.

The weird thing is? We actually “helped” StumbleUpon grow like crazy with all our 1 Million+ stumbles. Every time we stumble, we are helping SU get more traffic. But I guess they made $60 million off eBay and we got nothing for helpin’. (At least help us sell some accounts for God sakes!)

We got in there before all those bloggers even knew about stumbling and helped them grow but in return we get our site banned.

It’s okay though, we are not bitter, SU people “were” better than Digg guys. They don’t totally ban you like Digg’s Kevin dictatorship BS.

That’s right folks, if you feel bitter about someone who just whopped your asses for last 2 years or so and made you see on SU, I apologize, SU was never hacker-proof. Always blame on the developer, not the hacker! :p

Boom shakalaka baby, we whopped your asses for too long, now we are gonna ban you too. 🙂

It’s actually great that we got banned today, it will be an honorable day to remember as a professional hacker. We got more traffic than the whole last month because of this incident.

Anyways, we will be posting more great posts instead of us rambling about our web hacks.

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