Our next goal, a blog about nothing!

Okay, we sold Wagg.It for $2000 on SitePoint today, which is good since our $800 server fees were due today and I just had enough money to pay my rent. We will be okay for next month. We are just hopin’ that SiteHoppin’ takes off a little bit more but so far, so good for our efforts.

Our next goal is to turn Zedomax.com into a blog about nothing like John Chow’s blog. Why? Well, he’s makin’ like 25 grand a month! Well, we make like $800 a month. We got a long way to go but with your help spreading the word about SiteHoppin, that could happen. duh~

We tried too hard with not enough money or food. I’ve lost about 10 pounds last couple months just trying to cope with myself losing my job and whatever. At least, now I am free, totally free to be my own boss and take the time to take my girlfriend’s brother’s dog Za out for a jog everyday.

So, what the WTF?

Nothin’ This is a blog about nothing but stupid technology we have to deal with everyday. If you don’t visit Zedomax.com everyday, you will die the next day!!! Hahaha….LOL…

U know what I realize over the years?  Well, this is coming from the man who experienced it.  Nobody cares about you, especially how you are going to make a living everyday.

So how to beat this shi+?  Simply, beat your own life up everyday.  That’s right, you beat yourself, and you will be successful.   Beat yourself, and you will be SUCCESSFUL!

Yes, you are the only enemy of yourself and you are the only competitor of yourself.  If you don’t know that, read Guy Kawasaki’s book on “How to drive your competition crazy”.

4 Responses to Our next goal, a blog about nothing!

  1. Markus says:

    🙁 That’s very unfortunate. I thought people will visit your sites more. But you already have almost 800 subscriber which is good I guess! But 800USD server fees is really… a lot!

    Don’t you get a lot of search engine traffic to this site?

    I’m looking forward to read more from zedomax.

    Best Regards


  2. max says:

    Yeah, well, it’s 800 bucks for all the websites I am running right now. But Zedomax.com is a bandwidth hogger, it gets so many hackers on it, I need a good server. 🙂

    But we will be around, it looks like SiteHoppin’ will make me a millionaire… :p

  3. Markus says:

    Hope it will 😀 Personally I don’t like the beer bottles but I really like the concept. I’m not an internet pro, but you should better promote sitehoppin before the SU demo gets too popular 🙂 Just my opinion.

  4. max says:

    oh yeah, i talk to SU engineer Eric already, (on the post), it seems like their demo is 2 years old and they are not really pushin’ it so. I just got a iPod Touch baby! will post it soon.

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