StumbleUpon’s new “secret” extension-less Toolbar is just like

StumbleUpon’s new “secret” extension-less Toolbar is just like

Wow, today I got up to see stats on and found out StumbleUpon is “secretly” working on a new “extension-less” toolbar just like

It seems like the guys at StumbleUpon might have picked up SiteHoppin’s new ideas. We praise them for doing that since that confirms that we are on the right path. Why didn’t StumbleUpon come up with it earlier? (They came out with this new toolbar 18 days after public beta launch of, which means they probably “copied” our idea. Not that we care, information should be free right?)

On a technical note, the new StumbleUpon “extension” is works just like SiteHoppin’. If you look at the source, it uses the iframes.

On a secondary technical note, the new StumbleUpon toolbar works only with javascript, meaning it might not work with iPhones or new phones that don’t support javascript. (They will probably work on this soon after they see my post.)

Check out the new “secret” extension-less StumbleUpon Toobar. I think it’s still in development but we think this is good for our business since competition always create something better.

Great job GMC! (GMC is the chief architect of StumbleUpon and the creator)

4 Responses to StumbleUpon’s new “secret” extension-less Toolbar is just like

  1. The nicest kind of flattery is when someone copies you. So, congratulations are in order. Don’t be so modest. You deserve all the credit for this innovation. I hope that in the long term, it works out the way you wish it to. All the best.

  2. Glad you like the web toolbar. Though, I would like to say that we’ve had a web demo since December 2005, and I and other people have been involved in the *current* incarnation of the web toolbar on and off since Nov 2006. So, if we’re “copying” anyone, it’s ourself. 🙂

    SU engineer

  3. max says:

    Oh cool stuff then, sorry for the confusion. Glad to see SU engineers on here! 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    ‘Tis true: I’ve been using versions of this “extensionless” toolbar for months. I think it’s why SU is growing again.

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