Seitz 6×17 Digital camera – 160 MegaPixel Camera!

Seitz 6×17 Digital camera

This has got to be the coolest looking camera with 160 MegaPixels!!! Gosh, that means you need like a 100 GB harddrive to hold like 300 pictures.

seitz has outdone everything in its class with its mind-umbing 160-megapixel 6×17 digital camera. (Sorry, we got that wrong: there’s nothing else in its class!) You got that right—one hundred and sixty MP. Couple that with 48-bit colour depth, and you get images of definitions we can’t speak about. At the maximum resolution, an image is 900 MB, and you can’t use lash to store several such—so the 6×17 uses a Mac Mini as its storage device. You can control the camera remotely using a PDA. Go ahead, prove you’re a real photography enthusiast: sell your house and buy the 6×17…

via usgadget

2 Responses to Seitz 6×17 Digital camera – 160 MegaPixel Camera!

  1. Sally says:

    Waoooo——- COOL — Is it reall & howz it results going to be ?

  2. camera man says:

    Man that thing is huge… I have never seen anything like that before, 160 megapixels is insane 🙂

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