Google’s Android Could Learn From Yahoo’s Go!

Remember my post on the Google Phone Operating System Android?

Check out this review of comparison between Google’s Android and Yahoo’s Go. Although they are completely different animals, (This guy is comparing an operating system to a web site.) it’s interesting how one giant is going for hardware while the other is shooting for software.

Go! is Yahoo’s attempt to deliver their content to multiple devices regardless of manufacturer or carrier, and you know what? It does a pretty good job of it. Go! 3.0 in it’s beta form fixed some issues with the previous version, but the biggest addition is the ability to add your own widgets from other sites, giving you more options to customize it to your liking. The more I used Go! the more I began to realize what I wanted out of Google’s Android. If you’ve never seen or used Yahoo Go!, it’s a program that you must install, then run on your handset. It essentially does away with the need to log onto to access Yahoo’s content. Email, news headlines, stock updates, sports, and even a search engine are all included. I began to think “what if there was some way to make Yahoo Go! the backbone of my handset?” I would still need access to my phone book and contacts, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

via Androidguys.blogspot

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