Endless Pool

Endless Pool

I’ve seen this Endless Pool before, but I thought it’d be cool to post it. I wish they made a bigger version for surfing…

The pool is designed to generate a counter-current that enables you to adjust your swimming speed from beginner to racer levels. Perfect for relaxation and aquatic-therapies, the Endless Pool kit is small enough to fit inside your home and patio. The pool’s high volume non turbulent bubble-free water flow is wider than your body giving you the maximum benefit for your efforts. It shouldn’t be wrong to call it ‘Treadmill for Swimmers.’ The Endless Pool current is adjustable to any ability and level of fitness from the beginner to the avid competitor.

via BornRich

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  1. Brett Jones says:

    Surfing at home would be cool… I’ve been looking at the endless pools for a while and I finally bought one. I have a blog where I’m blogging everything about the install. I’ll have to try out the surfboard when I’m done! 🙂

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