My friend James is also giving out some free One Buck Wiki pages!

It’s weird but page sales have just recently just took off again. It must be a weather thing.

Anyways, my friend James is also giving out free One Buck Wiki pages over at his blog over here.

Here’s how you can enter:

With these contests there is always some type of requirement to enter right? Well I am going to try and make it easy and give you some choices with how you can enter. For 1 entry you can just Subscribe to Total Web Review by Email. Easy enough right? How about if you want to increase your chances of winning? Well you can write a post on your blog about the new site from the creators of OneBuckWiki. It is called SiteHoppin’. Do something similar to the one that I did (SiteHoppin post), mention OneBuckWiki also, link to both of those sites and this post, and you will earn 10 entries. That could just tip the scales in your favor right? Well there is a few more things that you can do;
1 entry stumble this post
1 entry digg this post (this no longer qualifies for an entry, those that did still receive one entry if you notified me of your entry. I no longer have access to digg and it seems that they have took all of the diggs from my articles)
1 entry join SiteHoppin
1 entry reply to this post
1 entry Zoom this post ( see the zoom button below)
Now that gives you 7 ways to enter and if you do all 6 then you will have 15 entries.

via TotalWebReview

Wow, I didn’t even notice that you can win by joining SiteHoppin. (That’s COOL!)

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