SiteHoppin’ 10K Baby!

Wow, this is simply something I’ve never done, make a website and then make it get over 10,000 UNIQUE VISITORS within 11 days.

Check this out:

SiteHoppin’ reaches 10K visitors!!!

Wow, we haven’t really hit 10K yet, but we got 9,991 and it’s still 10:01PM baby.

We are excited as hell like couple days ago when we reached 6,953! But, the day right after my birthday, my new site, SiteHoppin’ took off crazier than any sites I’ve ever made AND one of my best college buddies Billy Hendrix’s girlfriend, just had a boy baby this mornin’! Well, I am not gonna lie to you, my kid’s comin’ up next month, but THIS is really cool.

I wanna shout out to all the supporters out there expecially Studio Equipment, who has been always on top of what we do here at  Umm…it’s really hard finding great friends on the internet you can really trust but Studio Equipment is just the guy there to communicate with you on a personal level and you just “feel” that sorta thing.

Thanks again Studio Equipment, you’ve been helluva help to Zedomax and you added so much positive input, I can’t thank you more. :p

He’s always been helpin’ us to be more positive and keep workin’ hard to reach our goals, it’s a “feel” thing. Thanks dude, that means a lot whether that’s comin’ out from my heart, or I am just insanely crazy.

Without readers like Studio Equipment, Zedomax would be dead. Thanks a LOT!

How is SiteHoppin’ takin’ off help Zedomax? Well, first of all, you “control” the traffic on SiteHoppin’. That means, you can direct traffic to any website you want to including you own. Well, we’ve seen results so let’s just see how well it does for the next couple weeks.

P.S. Our target is to become as big as Google or even bigger. I know, they have a founder who graduated from Stanford and everythin’, but we have a core developer who can catch a golf ball 21 times. Lol…okay, if we can just reach 1% of Google, we’d probably be happy.

Still using the big old Google algorithm? Dump it and start using our own search engine based on “Beer” rankings. That’s right, you get to rate the sites with beers and also get fu()ked up during that time. Get your SiteHoppin’ goin’ here

P.S.2. We are expecting to reach above our maximum ranking on Alexa tomorrow so watch out! At least I can tell you I told you so if I am right about this…


While I was writing this post, we reached 10,091 UNIQUE VISITORS!!! HOLY CRAP!

Alright thanks y’all for supporin’ SiteHooppin’. We are in a “drunkey” mood tonight and here to celebrate my birthday too, which was lasterday.

Let’s just hope our hacking continues and we keep risin’

6 Responses to SiteHoppin’ 10K Baby!

  1. planner says:

    Very nice and congrats. Btw, how did you disable Google tooltip text on your translated pages?

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday. I am very happy for you. i hope that you had a great bash.

  3. pK says:

    My congrats but is quite simple considerating you make 7/10 post on zedomax about sitehoppin since 11 days. Also zedomax have pagerank of 4.

    By the way, good work 🙂

  4. It’s great to hear that. The way you guys are going now…it’s really gonna be something big out of SiteHoppin. I wish you good luck and some more beer to help you get through 😉

  5. max says:

    Hey, thanks guys hehe..

  6. max says:

    Great idea, should i make that 11/11? lol…

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