$13.3 Million of Earth Class Mail vs. $1 SiteHoppin

Here’s a showcase of the website that has $13.3 million invested in it versus our new site, SiteHoppin.com, which pretty costed nothin’ but my brain on some php.

Earth Class Mail was first launched on September 2005! SiteHoppin launched 8 days ago. Here’s the Alexa stats comparing the two:

$13.3 Million of Earth Class Mail vs. $1 SiteHoppin

The only reason I am posting this is because I expect something more than this from TechCrunch, not some bs site that has millions of dollars invested with nothing to show for traffic. (God, if we invested even a million dollars in SiteHoppin, our traffic would be so beyond exponential!)

I am not baggin’ on anyone here, I am just saying that Web2.0 is all about innovation, not money. You can have millions of dollars and spend all your dollars on a site like Earth Class Mail that produces zilch traffic. On the other hand, SiteHoppin is all about developers hard work and heart into the site with ZERO dollars invested. (well, except money for beer of course and pizza!)

Now, what do u think will be more successful? The site with money put on the developers’ faces or a site with passion and hard work with no guarantee of income?

In case you are mistaken, SiteHoppin’ is all about 24 hours of working night and day (with brews around for devlopers) without pay sorta like working in a third world country.

3 Responses to $13.3 Million of Earth Class Mail vs. $1 SiteHoppin

  1. Why should you not brag? By any stretch of imagination, this is great achievement. I congratulate you and wish you well with siteHoppin.

  2. max says:

    Hey, thanks Studio Equipment, you are a true Zedomax evangelist. People like drive me to work harder everyday! 🙂

  3. cashed says:

    I have been looking at an international alternative, http://www.privatebox.co.nz seem to be doing a very good job.

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