Why BlogRush will die and SiteHoppin will exponentially grow!

Why BlogRush will die and SiteHoppin will exponentially grow!

Why BlogRush will die and SiteHoppin will exponentially grow!2

Remember I did a review of Blogrush and Entrecard right before Entrecard started taking off?

Well, here’s why BlogRush will die and SiteHoppin will exponentially grow! (Sorry John, we are just using your site as comparison, no pun intended)

1. SiteHoppin is like a dog. Well, here’s how I got that analogy. I don’t own a dog but I do love dogs and my parents have dogs. During the last few days I was taking care of Za, my girlfriend’s brother’s dog, I have come to realize that SiteHoppin is like a dog who takes a leak here and there so other dogs can find it and mark their territory.

What the heck does that have to do with exponentially growing? Well, dogs like to mark their territories everywhere they go. They will only “mark” their spots in certain location they sense the “smell”. I don’t know how they do it. But it’s how dogs interact or communicate with each other. Basically, every time you take a leak, you are leaving a trace for the other dogs.

Well, SiteHoppin is no different. Every time you visit a site on SiteHoppin, you are marking your territory on someone’s site. Those site owners find out through site stats and get to know SiteHoppin and start using it to promote their sites. You can see some of the stats here to see what I mean here on the new SiteHoppin blog.

So, what the heck is the point of the story? Nothing. We are thanking everyone who has signed up for SiteHoppin’ and we promise the first-comers will get massive traffic in return.

As you can see in the above graph, we should be able to eclipse BlogRush very soon if our traffic keeps rising. In just 7 days since our public beta launch, we have gained at least 50% as much as traffic as Blogrush. (not that that’s a real accomplishment…) Join the new phenomenon, go try out SiteHoppin as it’s being developed LIVE! (It’s like watching a cooking show on TV, kinda like IronChef where you get to “see” the process)

Well, we will stop selling our new wiki technology here and start blogging more about other CES 2008 stuff.

Here’s the fun part:

SiteHoppin vs. Zedomax

Check out the pageviews of SiteHoppin vs. Zedomax.com. SiteHoppin gets almost 3 times more pageviews! I guess that’s probably from all the people that are SiteHoppin’… :p

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  1. What a wonderful analogy! Even a simpleton like me now understands the post because of the dog comparison.

  2. alexa always gives the evident graphic statistics, allowing to do the necessary conclusions

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