CES 2008 – Get Internet Radio on your iPhone with FlyTunes!!!

FlyTunes brings Internet radio to your iPhone

FlyTunes brings Internet radio to your iPhone2

FlyTunes brings Internet radio to your iPhone3

Wow, check it out, FlyTunes brings you Internet radio to your iPhone! Although I know it will never work on EDGE network 100% fully because the technology sucks (EDGE I mean), this might great thing for all of us once iPhone gets on CDMA.

FlyTunes will be free, so you’ll have to put up with AdSense-like ads in order to use it.

Version 1.0 of the software will be released on January 21 and will work with the iPhone and iPod touch. I’m sure one of us here will try it out when the big day comes.

via CrunchTech

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