CES 2008 – Alienware’s New Curved Monitor ROCKS!

Alienware’s New Curved Monitor

Check it out, a curved widescreen monitor to fill your dreams!

Alienware has slapped four monitors together to make one big, curved monitor that is supposedly aimed at the gaming crowd. Looks kinda cool though, don’t you think? Gizmodo has tons of pictures of the monitor posted, I snagged a few to whet your appetite:

[via] HardOCP

6 Responses to CES 2008 – Alienware’s New Curved Monitor ROCKS!

  1. If switch off light in a room andplay in “alien vs predator” on such monitor it will be terrible! =)

  2. I hear you man. Especially if you play with alien, then his sight would perfectly match this screen. Scary!

  3. max says:

    for sheezy tubelounge.

  4. Heh, I had to go to urban dictionary to see what the hell “for sheezy” means :))

  5. max says:

    are u serious? is it even in there? lol… that’s cool if you got the meaning though… for sheezy! 🙂

  6. “for real”, “damn straight”, or “no doubt” are like-phrases

    “That chick was so ugly!” “For sheezy!”
    or “That guy has a tiny head!” “For sheezy, my neezy.” 🙂

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