Zedomax Traffic Overview 2008

Zedomax Traffic Overview 2008

This is a little traffic overview so we know where the heck Zedomax will be next year… Well, it looks pretty good doesn’t it? Since last July or so, our traffic has been growing steadily and we have no idea how we did it. Well, one thing that might have helped is that we started blocking all trackbacks from splogs. Before July last year, I didn’t even know what a “splog” is but now I do… Anyways, we will actually be starting to do some real work instead of messing around all the time.

Here’s another tip for any bloggers that might help:

Try to post 30+ posts per day. The more posts you post, the more search terms you will get back from Google couple months down the road. Of course, you could do 1 post per day with details but I simply prefer to do “speed-blogging“, which is basically trying to find the best new tech stuff as fast as possible as post them as quickly as you can.

You see, what I’ve realized with Google is that they rank you higher if you are one of the first to talk about it. People talk about the algorithm but I think algorithm serves as foundation for Google but they have “hidden algorithms” you can predict only by experience.

Here’s the proof. When Google announced their Knol Project, I quickly made bunch of posts about it and Zedomax is still on the first page on Google for the term “Knol Project” AND “Knols Project‘. (Heck, I am even trying to sell knolproject.net back to Google for $100K! Not that they’d buy it but I figure I’d make some funny blog soon on it…)

I am not a SEO expert by any means other than I try to hack anything more than anyone else. Proof?

I tried to hack Digg couple years ago, the only way Digg could deal with me is to bann me but THAT was a lot of fun. But I did get to be the fastest Digger in the world which is awesome!

I did hack StumbleUpon couple years ago too, they didn’t ban me but my account is really really slow and it’s weird so I don’t use it anymore. The weird thing is, I don’t even use it anymore and I am ranked #4 for most pages stumbled out of those millions of people using it! (The true reason StumbleUpon didn’t ban me was because my hacks were actually boosting their web traffic! StumbleUpon has lots of loopholes for hackers but that’s why they grow because hackers promote their website!)

Now I got tired of hacking sites so I made a my own social networking site, SiteHoppin.com. I think I’ve learned enough from hacking other major sites so I am going to try to implement security measures used during those periods.

The greatest part about hacking another website is that you realize how to protect your own website. FBI probably hires more hackers to protect their data than kids out of college.

Technology can be so fragile these days. I remember fighting so many hackers that tried to do a group DoS (Denial of Service) attack from Poland and Korea. Those hackers are real good but too bad, they are not coming back anymore. (I enjoy fighting hackers, it’s really fun…)

3 Responses to Zedomax Traffic Overview 2008

  1. The more posts you post, the more search terms you will get back from Google couple months down the road.

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll probably made around 5-10 post a day but what you say make sense. I’ll probably just need to set aside some time to post from good sites.

  2. max says:

    Hey glad it helped, it’s common sense right?

  3. Yep, you’re gonna have some good traffic from search engines down the road. And that’s the traffic that will increase steadily over time, as long as you keep posting.

    I’ve been doing the same thing with my video blog and the benefits are increasing every month.

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