SiteHoppin – the new search engine for iPhone that let’s you surf faster!


Cool stuff, thanks to guys at for posting this! 🙂 You guys rock!

All the the SiteHoppin’ says it’s developed by drunken people, (well it’s true), we didn’t mention the fact that we worked night and day to get this site ready for 2008 working through Christmas and New Years. Yes, call us Scrooge. But we are not rich as scrooge and have to work hard. (Yes, you should work hard too for your dreams! 🙂 )

For 2008, well at least starting from today, we will try to ignore all nay-sayers as it’s really creeping into our good positive mode. (Don’t want to ruin that do we?)

Thanks everyone for the support and blog posts. I think sometimes people get too into the internet.(including myself) It’s just a machine yo, grow up and go play golf once in awhile so you don’t make IT your life! (I will be hitting the links tomorrow for sure!)

Make sure to check my latest swing tips on, a blog I make blog posts only when I do go out golfin’.

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