Blog Break – Max goes to Ocean Beach with his girlfriend’s brother’s dog, Za!


As I promised, I did go to the beach earlier. The one great thing about the beach is that you can see the never-ending ocean.

What does that do for you?

Well, basically, you look at the ocean and forget everything and feel relaxed. Whenever I feel stressed out from work or whatever, I always go to the beach.

This time, I was just taking the dog out for a stroll, he loves me so much. I guess dogs are better than humans in some repects. 😛

The funny thing was, I guess there are sections on the beach where you must have your dog leashed to protect Snow-Plowing birds. Which was fine except 3 Park rangers came to me and try to give me a ticket. Well, I got off with a warning and now I am officially in the San Francisco Park Ranger’s database. (well, that’s what they told me)

We did, afterwards, go to the correct section where dogs can be unleashed and had a blast running around and chasing other dogs.

Ocean Beach in San Francisco is not so great during winter but at least you get to see the Pacific Ocean. I prefer it over any other oceans as you get that “endless” view and there’s lots of sharks. (I’ve actually caught a tiger shark once while fishing for crabs. The shark got stuck on my crab net and other fishermen helped me get the shark. Of course I let it go but if I catch that thing again, I am going to either put it in my bedroom or eat it. Shark fins are suppose to be really good for your health in Asian beliefs…lol)

On our way back, we found this Starfish Christmas Tree!!! (take a look at my previous post on sfblogg about finding this…)

Starfish Christmas Tree

It seems like some locals have used it for bonfires, better than throwing it on the street like some people do. Even better, I believe they should ban “natural” Christmas trees all together and only sell plastic Christmas trees. This would save so millions of trees every year, I don’t get why we still use “real” Christmas trees. That’s probably one thing hurting Earth that we can help simply by swallowing our egos. That’s why my Christmas tree this year is small and plastic. Then again, plastic isn’t good either huh?

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