I am writing bunch of new extensions for MediaWiki

I never thought this would happen, but I’ve been writing bunch of new extensions for MediaWiki. Some of them, I just hacked extensions that were existing and made them way better.

Well, I finally got my user page up on MediaWiki wiki. Although most of the extensions I put on there are all my crappy ones, I will probably put more in the future that might be worth using.

With the latest venture, SiteHoppin, I’ve hacked MediaWiki so much that I think I can create pretty much anything. Although the “major” extensions used on SiteHoppin will not be released until that site takes off, (due to protecting against other wiki sites popping up and creating competition), all the extensions will eventually be available and open-sourced so everyone can start hacking the crap out of it.

The best extension I made so far? That’d be the Social Bookmarking extension that allows you to add online bookmarks to every page on your MediaWiki wiki site.

Although the coding was really simple and it took me 5 minutes to make it, that extension is by far the most useful for anyone who has a wiki.

Man, I am beginning to love MediaWiki more than ever, I think I am going to fall off the Blogwagon soon…

P.S. That’s my picture on my MediaWiki user page. (I was so drunk and took some “other” medications that day, I was flexing…)

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