How SiteHoppin’ will virally increase Blog’s traffic and users’ blogs

There’s been a lot of questions regarding our new site, SiteHoppin’, so I will show you briefly how it will virally increase a blog’s traffic.

Instead of typing URL or using a bookmarking system like, users will start using SiteHoppin’ to tag their favorite sites and go “site hoppin'” daily.

How will increase traffic for your blog? Well, simply, if you submit your blog to SiteHoppin with the tag.

The greatest part is that it doesn’t end there. Since SiteHoppin’ also has “random” hopping feature for non-bloggers or people who want to simply hop new sites, your blog will randomly show up at various different times.

As user base grows on SiteHoppin’, blogs who are in the system will automatically benefit from users randomly “hopping” onto their blogs.

The more blogs that exist on SiteHoppin’, the more it will be advertised and the more traffic it will bring to blogs.

This effect will probably go virally crazy and we just hope blog don’t take over the whole SiteHoppin’.

If all the above explanation is too hard to understand then just imagine this:

SiteHoppin’ is a social networking site that brings you extra traffic just like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, or whatever. The only difference is that you get a hit along with a hit to SiteHoppin’.

In other words, it’s a “browser” within your browser. Great thing is that you don’t have to install any Browser extensions. You can be anywhere in the world, even on your iPhone, and you only have to remember one site, It’s simply a great way to browse the internet and bring traffic to your sites.

BTW, I kinda did take the “g” off Hopping, following‘s cool name. Yes, Mike, I did kinda take it from your name…LOL…I will have to add that info to the About page so you get extra hits if this site blows up.

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  1. aksn1p3r says:

    Its time for you all to start a contest and send me the post-link to enter. I blog about entrecard contests and other advertising contests. I do site-hop but i don’t see your card!

  2. Site Hoppin is really great for many blogs. Small to medium sites can get extra traffic that they never would have had. Large sites join just for the view. They too get extra traffic, but it doesn’t matter to them. The more sites you hop, the more “beer credits” you earn. The more beer credits, the more hits back to your site. I usually turn hops off to my site, then launch my hack. It seems that Site Hoppin removed the slide show view. This was because people abused it and just did it to earn traffic back to their site. They would put it on autopilot and go to bed, wake up and have 50-100 extra hits. It was a shame that the slide show has been removed. But you now can exploit this.

    With having the slide show removed from Site Hoppin, majority of users will actually look at the site it brings up. What if I told you that you could still do the auto pilot and still get free efforless traffic? Head on over to my site for the Site Hoppin Hack. My hack is the only one on the internet, you don’t want to miss this! It basically emulates the slide show.

    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

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