How to browse through websites without wasting your time clicking.

Here’s how you can browse through blogs without doing so much typing and clicking…

I got so annoyed at the fact that I have to click like 5 times before getting to an actual blog that this actually proved to be great for me to browse a blog and drop cards without wasting any time clicking. Think about how many seconds you save if you could simply click to the next blog? (I visit about 100 blogs a day so saving 5 seconds on each blog comes to about 500 seconds, about 8 minutes or so.

On top of it, SiteHoppin brings “1 hit” of web traffic per site hopped. Meaning once your URL enters the SiteHoppin database of URLs, you will be guaranteed some amount of traffic as the user base grows!

Go to the above URL and click on “SiteHoppin'” button at the top left corner whenever you want to “hop” to the next blog. (You can add your blog simply by entering the tags when you submit a new site.)

Many people will abuse this to simply drop cards but the great thing is it will save 5 seconds of your typing and clicking to your browser or your favorite online bookmarking system since you only need to click “once” so you spend more time reading instead of clickin’.

Right now, only the main tags are being supported for this “iterative” browsing future as we just finished developing the feature. In the next week or so, you should be able to bookmark your “own sites” with tags and “tag browse” them without having to resort to typing the URL or using a slow online bookmarking system like although I did use it very often before developing

This iterative browsing could save you a LOT of typing simply getting rid of all the typing and clicking. (Just one click to go to your next favortie site.)

OR if you have bunch of sites you like and you like the “shuffle” feature, you can use the “random mode” to jump randomly so you don’t get bored.

Here’s some more features that will be added to SiteHoppin soon:

1. User tag browsing, meaning you can make your own “unique” bookmarks to be “SiteHopped” and also you can share it with your best friends simply by sending a URL.

2. Javascript to hide the main menu and Firefox extension or simply bookmarklet for browsers.

3. More advanced caching and database processes so browsing will always be fast.

4. Developer APIs like Facebook to promote 3rd party applications. This might be really good since the whole site is based on MediaWiki.

5. Support for modern PDA phones and iPhones. (It’s been working on couple PDAs including the iPhone, which means you can “site hop” while on the go! )

3 Responses to How to browse through websites without wasting your time clicking.

  1. Mike Huang says:

    Great new feature Max 🙂

    I’m already taking advantage of it LOL


  2. RichBeaver says:

    Signed up today and liked it so far. More details on my blog
    EntreCard Free advertising for bloggers

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